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Liz Moya was born in Uruguay to South American parents and raised in Hollywood, California.  Having lived in and been exposed to the intrigue of Hollywood from childhood, her interests drew her to voice work as a teen where she enjoyed composing creations and conducting interviews on her tape recorder. She later studied Spanish grammar in college and tutored peers as well. 

Her vocal style has been described as having a calming influence and her soothing, authentic delivery connects with your audience, draws them in and successfully conveys your message.


Liz delivers a voice that will put your listeners at ease. It is characterized as motivating, personable, trustworthy, and sultry.  She helps her clients enhance their projects and make them stand out.

Liz Moya Resume

Liz Moya_Headshot Shoes.jpg


*Bilingual Voiceover Artist


*South American born, raised in Hollywood, CA

*Over 30 years experience in special needs & aging communities


*Tawny Platis

*The Voiceover Gurus

*Domingo Castillo

*National Comedy Theater in San Diego, CA

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